Beyoncé is the ultimate Queen of making women around the world feel like confident, beautiful, powerful ladies. Without fail, she is a go-to for crushing a workout and feeling like a boss while doing it.

So logically, we’re sharing a Beyoncé workout playlist with you all. Love it? Then check out Courtney’s Beyoncé ride this Sunday, February 4th at 9:30am.

With a warm-up and cool down included, here are some Beyoncé jams to help you get through and finish your workout feeling like you just conquered the world.

  1. Countdown – This is your warmup. Prepare your body for the intensity to come. ‘Countdown’ with Beyoncé as she gets you in the zone!
  2. 7/11 – Here is where you establish your base, whether you’re on the bike, at the bag, or out for a run, start with a quality few minutes pushing yourself at a “comfortably hard pace.” Get in tune with your breathing and find a nice rhythm.
  3. Crazy in Love – You’ve found your groove and you’re feeling strong now! Put in a surge every time you hear Bey break into the chorus.
  4. Run the World – Here’s the main section of your workout, this is where you’ll start to tire, but you need to focus on pushing forward!! Let the lyrics carry you to Runnin’ The World!
  5. Single Ladies – This is a classic, so whether you’re single or not, use this song as a final push in the main section of your workout. Every time you hear that ‘oh oh oh’ sequence get your heart rate up and finish off strong!
  6. Diva – Now you’re a true diva that just killed a workout. It’s time to bring it down to that comfortably hard pace again. Keep the effort going, but bring down your intensity and start to think about how awesome you are for the work you just put in.
  7. End of Time – You’re done and you obviously slay like Beyoncé. Take a few minutes to cool your body down and relax. Then reward yourself with a smoothie from our delicious smoothie bar 🙂

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