We believe in balance; You should enjoy the things you put into your body and appreciate what your body can do for you. Eating doesn’t always have to be about cutting fat and calories, and exercise need not be militant and inaccessible. Fitness can and should be exhilarating, motivating, and fun. We welcome all shapes, ages, and abilities to achieve your goals. Whether you’re aiming to reshape your body, become an engaged member of your community, or are pursuing a more active lifestyle, we believe in camaraderie, confidence, and change. Join us, and transform into a more positive you.

About the Abbys

We are Laura Leigh & Samantha Abby, writer and producer, respectively, and the founders of The Studio @ Beacon. We have been a couple for over a decade, and during this time we’ve tried various gym memberships and boutique studio workouts. We were never happier than when we were training with professional boxers in New York City, where we learned to meet physical and mental challenges as we watched our bodies transform. Boxing, coupled with cycling classes, brought out our best, sweatiest, and most determined selves. We love to spin that fly wheel and let our legs soar, but then there’s something that feels so grounding about the jab, cross, hook on the bag.

When we moved from New York City to Beacon in 2016—with a baby on the way—we were determined to explore all that the Hudson Valley had to offer, and discover what we, in turn, could offer of ourselves. With the objective of tethering ourselves to our community, working together, and achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle that would strengthen us as individuals and as a couple, we set out to create a challenging and inclusive fitness experience.

What does balance mean to us? Sometimes it’s a great run or ride followed by a burger and fries. Other times it’s a strenuous hike rewarded with cocktails at brunch. Sometimes it’s just a Friday night on the couch. Washboard abs? We don’t have those. What we do have is a positive and powerful outlook on life, which you’ll see revealed in The Studio’s strong and supportive staff, sleek aesthetic, and stimulating classes.

We believe that there is power in numbers and that we derive strength from each other. We invite you to take this journey beside us.