Hey Team! Laura here to talk masks.

Let’s begin with the obvious – Working out in a mask is not ideal. I don’t think any of us would choose to wear a mask if we weren’t required to do so. That being said, it’s worth noting that, like most of life’s little discomforts, it’s a change that just takes some getting used to. After my first few classes of both teaching and exercising, I felt like I had good control of my breath as my heartrate accelerated.

Controlled breathing is half the battle. It’s important to regulate your breathing and take breaks when necessary. But if you want to know which masks are best for exercise, I’m here to tell you. I’ve tried them all, and here are my top recommendations.

This mask is bulky and looks intense on the face, but it is quite comfortable. It boasts breathable, anti-microbial fabric and an ISO-chill interior to keep you cool. After nearly an hour of heavy breathing it does start to crowd the nose and mouth, even when wearing a larger size. Overall, the $30 price tag feels a little steep, but it does keep the face cooler than other masks, feels like a looser yet secure fit, and maintains its shape even after washing.

These masks are cute and made for women; They have adjustable straps that won’t tangle in long hair, and the straps are long enough to wrap around a ponytail if you want to give your ears a break. These masks are thin and don’t feel too confining, despite the secure fit. I throw mine in the washing machine and hang dry with no problems.

These are my everyday go-to mask because they are so easy to wear and quite comfortable. If they don’t get dirty or especially sweaty then I can wear one of these a few times before tossing, especially when I am teaching multiple classes in one day. They don’t boast any special moisture-wicking material but I cannot deny the comfort. To make these (and reusable masks) more comfortable, I have purchased a 3D bracket and head strap combo to take some pressure off my ears while keeping the mask away from my face, to avoid the feeling of being suffocated.

At the end of the day a mask is a mask. There are certainly ways to make wearing one a bit more comfortable, but any mask will suffice, and the important thing is to stay active and keep your body and lungs healthy. We are here to keep you feeling energized, and we have adjusted all of our classes to include active recovery periods throughout your workout.

If you’re ready to get back to it, grab your mask—we have them on-hand if you forget—and get to class. You’ll be so glad you did!

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