We have hit the height of peach season in the Hudson Valley, so we can’t not post a delicious peach dessert!


This recipe is simple, and highlights the beauty of the peaches, encasing them in a golden crust. If you have limited baking supplies, or are not the most experienced baker, this is the recipe for you. Made without a pie pan, this is a free-form pie that is supposed to be a little messy. And who cares about perfection anyways? This pie is so tasty it will be gone before you can get a good look!

As for the peaches, we suggest picking some up at your local farmer’s market, or at Adam’s Fairacre Farms. Look for local peaches, as they will be the most fresh and in-season. The proper ripeness is indicated by being firm to the touch but indenting with a slight squeeze. Although this recipe adds in raspberries, other berries are tasty editions as well; we personally suggest blueberries or blackberries.

Now start baking, and be the talk of your Labor Day barbecue!

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