Coffee is delicious anytime of the day, but slurping down a latte before bed is not necessarily the recipe for a good nights sleep. Though made without our beloved roasted beans, golden (or turmeric) lattes are a great substitute for coffee drinks, and they come along with some powerful recovery benefits.

The key ingredient of this drink is the turmeric, which supports digestion, immune function and liver function. It is also anti-inflammatory, so it can aid in speeding along the recovery process after a tough workout, and help to heal injuries more efficiently.

Although turmeric is a healing power on its own, its properties are further enhanced when paired with the other components of the recipe. The antioxidant power of the root is intensified by heating and combining with the fat from milk, and it is activated further by the addition of black pepper.

With just a few ingredients, all available at your local organic food store, we are confident that this drink will make its way into your daily routine! Find the recipe hereĀ and start sipping!


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