Grain bowls are great any time of the day! Whether it’s rice or quinoa, wheat berries or farro, paired with your favorite additions like avocado, roasted red peppers, almonds and mushrooms, grain bowls are delicious and nutritious, and packed with ingredients that will fill your belly with goodness.

Let’s start with a breakfast bowl …

We love Bon Appetit’s rice bowl with a fried egg and slices of avocado. Quick prep and easy to take on the go, this bowl will provide you with lasting energy throughout the day.


Self has a colorful beet and mozzarella salad packed with protein and iron. Farro and almonds add texture, and herbs brighten up this satisfying bowl.



For dinner try Martha Stewart’s burrito bowl! A classic rice bowl complete with your favorite beans, chicken, and some pico de gallo.

Whatever and whenever you choose to build your bowl, fill up and enjoy it!

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