Join us Saturday, June 9th for our first Pride Ride at 9:30am and 11am!

We will be donating $15 per rider to the National LGBT Cancer Network. This New York based, non-profit organization focuses on Cancer related education and health care for those in the LGBT community. They offer referrals to LGBT-friendly, free, and low cost facilities across the boroughs of NYC and throughout the country.

The organization also offers support groups for LGBT Cancer survivors, as well as free pamphlets and posters for individuals to distribute. Due to the stigmatization and stresses still placed upon LGBT community members, there is a disproportionate amount of Cancer affecting the group. Many LGBT members also express higher levels of dissatisfaction with care, which can result in decreasing their quality of life.

Through the aid of this organization, LGBT Cancer patients and survivors are able to find information that is both credible and easily understandable, and support that is specifically targeted to their struggles. They seek to educate, advocate and train both healthcare providers and members of the community, with an aim to both decrease the number of people affected by Cancer, and assist those that are.

We hope you will join us! Wear your brightest colors and let’s get rowdy for a great cause!

Catie’s Ride – Saturday, June 9th 9:30am

Laura’s Ride – Saturday, June 9th 11:00am

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