The Hudson Valley is chock full of breath taking hikes and beautiful nature preserves. Although a challenging hike is a great way to get your heart rate racing, sometimes a meditative nature walk is just  what you need to unwind. These are some of our favorite calming walks for when you need a place to center yourself.

Poet’s Walk: Red Hook, NY

This bucolic stroll through the woods features a number of ‘outdoor rooms’ constructed from rocks and foliage by the original owners of the land in 1849. The near two miles of trails meanders through the woods and across the fields. Its name derives from its popularity between local poets, specifically Washington Irving, who was said to have been inspired by the land. Perhaps you will find yourself inspired as well.

Innisfree Garden: Millbrook, NY

Located just outside the village of Millbrook, Innisfree Garden is a hidden gem of the Hudson Valley. Recognized as one of the worlds best gardens, it allows visitors to walk throughout the gardens without any distinct path. Its combination of asian garden design as well as various sculptures and unique water features invites contemplation and wandering of both the mind and body.



Vanderbilt Mansion Gardens: Hyde Park, NY 

Known mainly for the historic Vanderbilt mansion that served as a summer home for the affluent Vanderbilt family, the home rests upon acres of beautifully preserved natural land. With many paved paths, the grounds are an ideal place for a short run or walk. To the left of the house is the rose garden. Enclosed by brick walls, the garden is at its height of beauty around mid-june, but it blooms with various varieties of flowers three seasons of the year. The garden is small enough to be a quick trip, but with such expansive grounds and tours of the mansion, it can easily be extended to a day trip.

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