Where are you from?

Newburgh, NY

How long have you been a fitness instructor?

In June 2017 I completed my 200-hour yoga teaching certificate, and completed my Schwinn spin certification in January 2018. I continued my training when I was hired here at the Studio.

What inspired you to be a fitness instructor?

I have been cycling with Gold’s Gym in Newburgh for probably about 8-9 years now. I have always loved this form of cardio, since the treadmill and the stairmaster can get boring. I was always interested in teaching cycling and motivating others the way I was motivated through those classes since I got hooked. My uncle introduced me to yoga on a family trip three years ago and ever since then I was drawn to the strength and focus it required. Eventually, one of my teachers encouraged me to get my teaching certificate, and it’s only the beginning of the fitness I want to be able to give to those seeking.

What is your favorite smoothie?

Avacolada. It’s fresh and fruity, perfect way to start any day.

What is your pre workout snack?

Fruit. Usually I like to work out on an empty stomach, with a lot of hydration. This is not recommended for everyone though!

What song motivates you most when working out?

Currently Thunder by Imagine Dragons. But any song that makes me want to dance is always a go for me!

What attracted you to The Studio @ Beacon?

The class layout. Cycling and boxing together is a match made in heaven. Both are amazing cardio and when combined, it’s just fun. I love fitness classes where I know I’m going to have fun and get a good sweat on. And I knew I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to bring that fun to clients, learn from my co-workers and work for amazing, empowering women.

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