Where are you from?

Simsbury, CT

What inspired you to be a fitness instructor?

My love of teaching, health, and all things fitness! Throughout my own fitness journey, I have met some really amazing trainers who have inspired me to share my passion for fitness with others just as they had with me.

What type of music does your go-to workout playlist include?

My go-to playlist would have to include a little mix of everything, but 90’s and early 2000’s music always keeps me in the game.

What song instantly puts you in a great mood?

“Down and Out” by Cam’ron ft. Kanye… Or any Dipset.

What is a fact that most people do not know about you?

I have always wanted to become a beekeeper and manage my own hive! I am so inspired by the impact just a single colony can have on local ecosystems. I also have a BFA in printmaking and graphic design so I am very passionate about the arts.

How do you like to recover after a hard workout?

I like to make a big protein smoothie bowl, foam roll, and take a hot shower. Sometimes if I do a really tough workout, I like to try to squeeze in little yoga to get in a deeper stretch and relieve muscle tension.

What do you like to do outside of being an instructor here at the studio?

I love to cook, travel, and get my heart rate up every day. I am always in search of different recipes to try out and thinking of ways I can get out and see the world around me! My other jobs as a freelance illustrator and administrative assistant give me the ability to work from home, so try to stay active as much as possible whenever I have the chance.

What can people expect when taking a class with you?

You can expect a really great workout with some exciting challenges mixed in to keep the energy and your heart rates up!

What’s your favorite part of teaching at The Studio @ Beacon?

My favorite thing about teaching at the studio is the awesome community of people I have met along the way! Being new to the area, I have really found that it is a way that I can meet new people and share my love of fitness with everyone!

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