Where are you from?

Kings Park, New York

How long have you been a fitness instructor?

I’ve been a certified fitness trainer for over a year now and have trained within many fitness disciplines over the last 15 years.

What inspired you to be a fitness instructor?

I was an athlete growing up, however, being the heaviest MVP wasn’t easy, and my body image and general perception of myself paid the price. I wanted to look a certain way … because of course that was the only way I’d ever truly be loved or accepted – FALSE! Once I realized that I was already awesome, I wanted to help guide others. It’s a messy, wild journey and who better to help you along the way than someone who truly gets it!

What is your favorite smoothie?

The Mighty Quinn!

What is your pre-workout snack?

Depends on the day. Seasons change, moods change, as do the sales at the grocery store, haha. I try to be flexible and lean toward whole foods.

What song motivates you most when working out?

I have a pretty eclectic taste in music. A single workout playlist of mine can include songs ranging from Simon & Garfunkel to DMX.

What attracted you to The Studio @ Beacon?

I could answer a help-wanted ad any day of the week … but finding quality individuals to work along side isn’t nearly as easy. I’ve always LOVED to spin. The concept of a spinning and boxing combo caught my attention quickly, but it was Sam and Laura who held my attention. Success to me is living a happy life and I believe a big piece of that is surrounding yourself with good people, and they’re great people – it’s just that simple.

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