Let’s face it, as the temperature drops we are all reminded that winter is near. I don’t know about you, but I have always found it harder to motivate myself to workout during those darker, frigid months. Who wouldn’t rather cozy up at home and binge some Netflix, am I right?! But we all know how important it is to our physical and mental health to stay active. So over time I’ve developed some tricks that help keep me on track.

Madam Brett Park on a wintery morning

Treat yourself to some new workout gear
Nothing motivates me more than having a new workout wardrobe! Treat yourself to a little shopping spree, or when family members ask you what you want for the holidays, ask for that new pair of leggings or spin shoes you’ve been eyeing.

Remind yourself of that post-workout feeling
We all know the feeling of that post-workout glow. The feeling of accomplishment. The ‘hurts so good’ soreness in your muscles. It’s one of the best feelings and it’s what keeps us coming back. When you’re inclined to skip your workout, take a moment to remind yourself of that very feeling. Close your eyes. Visualize it. I always love the saying, ‘No one ever regrets a workout.’

Keep it indoors
As a runner myself, one of the hardest parts about staying motivated through the winter is the cold temperatures. Some days I simply can’t bring myself to bundle up and endure it, and you know what, that’s ok. I see the season as an opportunity to workout indoors. I’ll try out a new class I’ve been meaning to take and focus on different muscle groups. After all, switching things up is good for our bodies and the variety can often lead to quicker results and a better overall fitness.

Sign up for classes ahead of time
You can always come up with an excuse to not work out. You’re too tired, you had a busy day at work, blah blah blah. I find that if I sign up for my classes in the beginning of the week, it sets me up for success. I have a plan of attack and a sense of accountability to uphold. Get on The Studio @ Beacon schedule now and beat those winter blues!

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