Looking for an energy boosting snack or meal with lasting nutrition?

These tasty foods are a great addition to your day that will help keep your energy up.

1. Fruit – Bananas are a foolproof energy food. Add some peanut butter or top off your oatmeal in the morning and you’ll be good to go. Grab an orange for a dose of vitamin c and steady rations of energy. Apples are great too. They take longer to digest, so they will give you a more prolonged lift than other fruits. Green apples are featured in our Mighty Quinn Smoothie

2. Peanut Butter – With a large amount of healthy fats, protein, and fiber, peanut butter will fight off hunger and keep your blood sugar levels stable. Pair it with your toast in the morning or add it to your afternoon snack.

3. Eggs – These guys have the highest complete form of protein and a variety of essential amino acids to help rebuild muscle in your body. Eggs will keep you full longer and help your body get stronger.

4. Yogurt – Yogurt contains magnesium and lactose, which are crucial for the release of energy. With so many varieties available, there’s one you’re sure to love.

5. Popcorn – A snack that provides volume, and keeps you full longer than chips or crackers, popcorn is a whole grain carb that has staying power.

6. Almonds – This superstar snack contains nutrients like copper and manganese, keeping energy flowing through your body well after you enjoy them.

7. Spinach – With folate, iron, and H2O, spinach provides energy and a source of hydration for your body.

8. Sweet Potato – To help fight off fatigue, enjoy a sweet potato baked into delicious fries. High in carbs, and vitamins A and C, this potato is healthy and delicious.

9. Salmon – Known as the “brain food,” salmon is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, keeping your heart healthy and boosting your mood. A great dinner choice paired with a kale salad.

10. Dark Chocolate – Both energizing and mood boosting, dark chocolate’s antioxidants make having a bite twice a week very beneficial for you.

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