A vigorous spin class is a great way to start your day, but even during the summer, we often have to run off somewhere after class and don’t take the time to stretch and recover after a work-out.

But what if you could begin that recovery process during your class?

Now, you can.

Our new bikes and balance class begins with a 30 minute spin session and then transitions to 30 minutes of restorative yoga. (Note that this will be a 60 minute class rather than the 45-50 of our other classes).

These two activities complement each other perfectly. Spinning warms the muscles and allows you to stretch deeper in your yoga poses, and stretching after a tough cardio session allows the muscles to relax and begin the recovery process, preventing cramping and fatigue.

Come join us for our first class on July 28th at 8am. Head to our website to reserve your spot!

And don’t forget your yoga mat! 

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