We’re deep in the heart of the holiday season. The menorahs are lit, Christmas is days away, and you’re probably finalizing your New Year’s Eve plans right about now. We’re here with five super simple pointers to keep you feeling your best and enjoying the season to its full potential.

  1. Plan ahead.

It’s a busy time for all of us, which means that you’ll thank yourself for anticipating your needs. Put aside a little time for meal prep or menu planning.

Sure, menu planning might mean buying pre made meals from your local grocery store, but it will still get you thinking ahead and ensure you get some nutrients in your bod. Have you ever made a meal out of cold mini quiche, leftover crackers, a goat cheese log, and a bowl of Christmas M+Ms? Us too, but it’s always nice to fit in a real meal when you can. (And to be clear, we’re pretty flexible on the definition of “cooking.”)

2. Maintain your routine.

Maintaining some semblance of your usual routine will help you avoid feeling rundown—especially during the season of hangovers—and you’ll feel especially proud of yourself for making it to your Saturday morning cycling class. Sure, some nights you’re gonna stay out too late, but it doesn’t have to be every night. Routines, they’re not just for babies. They keep us all feeling sane when our calendars are packed.

3. Wash your hands.

Hey, not only is it cold and flu season, but it’s also the season for hugging and handshaking and smooching under the mistletoe. If you want to avoid ringing in the new year from beneath a pile of dirty tissues—shots of nasal spray, anyone?—then amp up your handwashing routine, and in a pinch, go for the hand sanitizer. Staying healthy means you won’t miss a minute of holiday cheer.

  1. Get active with friends and family.

Traveling for the holidays? Having guests of your own? In our family, home for the holidays means starting our day with waffles and sausage, but it also means long walks around the pond, and if the weather permits, jogs down by the beach. Nope, these leisurely strolls are no cardio blasts, but they keep us from spending the entire day on the couch watching Love, Actually and A Muppet Christmas Carol on repeat. If you’re feeling really frisky, traveling is always a great opportunity to check out a new boutique fitness studio. Whether it’s a workout you’ve been meaning to try—we’re looking at you, rowing classes—or a small gym with some badass trainers, it’s always fun to get sweaty with friends.

  1. Have fun.

Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve eaten leftover baked brie for two meals in a row. Don’t stress out if you drank a little more than planned at a holiday party and had to forego yoga for a little more sleep. It’s the season to be merry, so take advantage of the good cheer and enjoy your time with family and friends. Business as usual will be waiting for you in January.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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